Moorland Landscapes in acrylic by Gareth Buxton

Gareth Buxton has rapidly developed a reputation as a popular yet unconventional painter with a taste for mist, moonlight and stormy weather.

His dramatic landscapes and seascapes are inspired by places, memories and emotions. Many of his paintings show a battle between darkness and light. This interplay creates a mood of tension and drama in his work.

Elements like the wind, rain, dark skies; the moon and the light bursting through the clouds stimulate me profoundly. Landscape painting for me goes beyond literal representation of the land: its as much about representing me and my state of mind.

In being outdoors, particularly exposed to the elemental forces of storms, wind and rain he is responding to the landscape emotionally.  Essentially he is following the Romantic tradition, suspending rationality and reason for a spiritual connection with nature.

My view of my local Derbyshire landscape is often stormy, rainy and indistinct. People, buildings and other details rarely feature in the work, as I prefer to allow the voices of hills, rain and light to speak for themselves."

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Further Along the Edge

gbstormfrogg.jpg (39268 bytes)

Storm Over Froggatt Edge

gbontopkinder.jpg (59412 bytes)

On Top Of The World, Kinder

gbppkinder.jpg (49793 bytes)

Approaching Kinder

gbwalkcurbar.jpg (94706 bytes)

Short Walk, Curbar Edge
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Dark Descends

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