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landscape paintings of the derbyshire peak district

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Framing by Robin Ashmore


All the pictures on sale at the gallery have been framed by Robin Ashmore and Paul Bassindale.

cross stitch and embroideries

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Cross-stitch, needlepoint, and other embroideries can all be mounted and framed using traditional methods of lacing with conservation grade materials - by Julie Ashmore.  Find details of this bespoke service at our new web site


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The same high standard of work is applied across the bespoke service.  Wherever possible we use conservation grade materials to both enhance and protect the artwork.

Many types of mounting are available, from circles, ovals, double mounts and multi-aperture mounts.  We stock a full range of around 170 colours of conservation grade, acid free mount board.



accessibility - one small step up into the gallery of 9cm and a ramp may be requested if required.  Open plan layout suitable for wheelchair access.  Please ask for a chair if you need to sit down.
Nearest accessible toilets are at the recreation park 50m away.

roadside parking outside the gallery

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I can give you a quote over the phone or by email where we may discuss the colour of the mount and style of frame for each individual piece before posting it to me at the gallery.  

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As part of our conservation grade framing service we can offer a selection of glass - plain, plain with UV filter, non-reflective, non-reflective with UV filter and museum glass which is low reflection, 96% optically clear and with a UV filter.


Restoration and cleaning of all works of art can be a complicated job even for an experienced professional. We do, however, have trained experts, whose skill can be called upon, on your behalf.

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