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landscape paintings of the derbyshire peak district

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View a selection of original landscape paintings and photography of  the Derbyshire Peak District  currently for sale by following the links below to an artist of your choice.

Gareth Buxton

Gareth Buxton

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Kristan Baggaley

Landscapes in Acrylic

Pauline Rignall

Landscapes in acrylic by Richard Clare

Richard Clare

Alison Tyldesley

Alison Tyldesley

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Tim Hulley

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Colin Halliday

Landscapes in Acrylic

Richard Barrett

Landscapes in oil

Philip Dyke

Janet Bassindale Paintings in Acrylic

Janet Bassindale

Ken Burton

Ken Burton

Jean Luce

David Beatson

David Beatson

Kirstie Leigh Riley

Kirstie Leigh Riley

Traditional watercolours by Sam Burden

Sam Burden

Landscape paintings on canvas in acrylic

Hazel Lale

Landscape paintings in oil

Liz Churton

Mike Green

Mike Green

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Rosemary Abrahams

David Stowe Paintings in Acrylic

David  Stowe


 Peak District Landscapes

Paul Griffiths

Photography by Robin Ashmore

Robin Ashmore

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Fran Halsall

  limited edition prints wood art

Kristan Baggaley

Bowls, lidded pots and wood forms

Simon Edey and Duncan Andrews

Sizes are in centimetres and are the image size of the painting or print.  Framed pictures are mounted in neutral colours and mostly framed in a soft gold or silver.  All work in the gallery can be reframed and reglazed, from a selection of glass, to suit our customers' requirements.

Opening Times: 11am to 4pm Thursday to Sunday and by appointment