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landscape paintings of the derbyshire peak district

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Simon Edey and Duncan Andrews

Simon and Duncan have over 30 years of wood turning experience between them. They turn pieces separately or collaboratively depending on the wood and their mood! They tend to start with a rough idea of what they are going to make - but this is very likely to change depending on the wood, how it turns and how the form evolves. They rarely make two pieces the same, preferring to make "one-offs". This keeps the work challenging and the final pieces interesting.

Prices top shelf: Oak Bowl - SOLD  Goldfield Burr- SOLD,   Elm 125.00   Spalted Beech 80.00   Yew Vase 48.00   Laburnun Bowl 35.00
Prices second shelf: Elm 95.00   Serpent Wood Pot - SOLD   Ash Pot with Lid 48.00 - SOLD  Maple Hollow Form with Corian 40.00   Ash Pot with Lid 30.00   Field Maple 120.00

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