Landscapes by Rosemary Abrahams

Rosemary's pre-occupation with paint effects and surface texture runs through all aspects of her work. The result is a body of work with discernable common features, but which manifests infinite variety in its realisation.  Painting on canvas the surface of the work is enriched by the use of a thick plaster ground, which can be incised to create line work, which then permits the application of both colour washes and saturated colour. The paintings are further enriched by the application of metal foils and pearlescent pigments.  Influences throughout Rosemary’s life have included Ben Nicholson, Terry Frost, The St Ives School, Matisse from the French Impressionists, the New York Expressionists – especially Rothko and Rauchenburg – and her art work continues the tradition of abstract expressionism into today’s art world.

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Night Sky
Acrylic on Canvas
100 x 100cm