Landscapes in Acrylic by Lucy Archer

Regularly traveling via train through the Peak District has vastly influenced my practice, and imagery from these journeys reappear throughout my work, giving it a strong identity and sense of place.  I emphasize the experience of moving through a landscape in the display of my pieces; they hang linear surrounding the viewer and result in an immersive interaction.

I manipulate perspective through a lexicon of lyrical and seductive marks that ultimately seek resolution through geometry and formal composition. There is an element of risk to this impulsive method of creating; which is in turn influenced by the environment, be it landscape or the way the pieces are displayed.

The loose, curling marks that I lay down coalesce to form abstract landscapes. This abstraction relates to the collective expectation of what a landscape is - linear with layers and movement. It is the layers of a landscape which influence my drawings: furrows, facets and ridges creating the illusion of depth.

In regard to the blank spaces of colour in the paintings, they are to further manipulate the perspective and sense of depth within the pieces, giving the impression of multiple layers and an inferred space beyond them.  The geometric shapes also add balance, contrasting and controlling the more organic and loose mark that I lay down.

lalosehill.jpg (165905 bytes)

Lose Hill

lamam.jpg (141094 bytes)

Mam Tor

lawinhill.jpg (190390 bytes)

Win Hill

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