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landscape paintings of the derbyshire peak district

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Liz Churton
oil on canvas

Painting for me is a very physical and emotional activity and I want my paintings to remind the observer of what it is to feel the breeze, gaze at glinting rivers and big changing skies, hear the birdsong, the buzzing flies and bees, touch the moisture of the ground, smell the earth, feel the calm of early evening light, the hard frost of winter or the fecundity of mid-summer. I want the observer to have those physical sensations when they look at my work. I suppose this makes me Romantic in my approach to painting. I draw and paint both out in the field and, back in the studio, I seek to retain the vitality and immediacy of my first sketches  and drawings. Retaining these qualities means that my paintings have become as much about the surface treatment of the canvas and the ways that I apply the paint and make marks, as they are about the subject matter. As a result, the final paintings exist somewhere between representation and abstraction.

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The Path to Owler Tor
Oil on canvas
100 x 50cm

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