Peak District Landscapes by Hazel Lale

Hazel Lale is a busy and successful Sheffield based painter. With an eclectic mix of influences, Hazelís pictures have won wide acceptance, and a number of public bodies have commissioned works on a large scale.  Since finishing her degree in Fine Art, she has exhibited in many one woman shows, nationally and locally. 

Painting in watercolour and acrylic  Hazel brings her reaction to the natural and man made shapes within the Derbyshire landscape. Influenced by the simplicity of line and the minimal brush strokes of Japanese Art, and the American artist Mary Cassatt, who with Monet and the Impressionists are so noted for their treatment of light and tone, Hazel focuses on intensifying local colour and experimenting with form through negative space and line.

Influences: "I am attracted to themes which allow me to break free of outlines: it is not so much the subject but the light falling on a pattern, a gesture, a discordant colour and a memory which fits in with a fleeting image.
My approach to my work is that drawing is fundamental to good painting. It is totally dictated by the way I feel, which in turn provides me with a clarity of purpose and the energy to express those feelings.
I explore ideas through colour and through form- two dimensions of expression combining to produce an emphasis on design."

hltops.jpg (117092 bytes)

Summer Fields
Acrylic on Canvas

hlfields.jpg (106465 bytes)

Over The Tops
Acrylic on Canvas

hlblue.jpg (133021 bytes)

Distant Blue
Acrylic on canvas

hlwarmevening.jpg (224432 bytes)

Warm Evening
Acrylic on canvas