Landscape Photography by Fran Halsall

Fran Halsall's  photographs explore the areaís iconic elements: recording her impressions of the Peak Districtís immense beauty and drama.  The photographs are a journey through sometimes remote and often moody moorlands, via erosion-sculpted rocks and mountainous plateaux, past huge reservoirs, along river-worn dales with nationally important grasslands, to the edges of inhabited areas.  A seasonal narrative flows through Franís images: responding to the cyclical patterns of nature.  It is her intention to capture the transformative effects of natural lighting in combination with the weather.  Reacting to sunlight as it travels across the landscapeís textured surface.

padley-gorge-large.jpg (135470 bytes)

Padley Gorge

bleaklow-kissing-stones-large.jpg (61023 bytes)

Bleak Low Kissing Stones
£60.00 unframed

edalebelowkinder.jpg (48832 bytes)

Edale Below Kinder, Frosty Dawn
£225.00 framed

five-wells-tomb-large.jpg (90948 bytes)

Five Wells Tomb
£225.00 framed