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landscape paintings of the derbyshire peak district

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Diana Syder
Acrylic and mixed media on paper and canvas

I live in the Peak District in a high village with expansive views over hills, dales and a lot of vigorous weather. This landscape has been in my bones as long as I can remember and its distances and moods reach into my paintings. The wildness and space are what I love most though I also recognise my need for it's safer, cosy places. I currently work in acrylics, layering, creating visual textures to create a ground with random marks and then manipulating those marks to emphasise some areas and dismantle others. I'm searching for the feel and appearance of landscape, or a particular experience within that landscape and there's a frisson of excitement when I finally see a possible image as a way forward - it's the high point of the painting, like reaching a trig point after a slog uphill. It's not a random process, there is concentrated intent but working this way enables me to find images I wouldn't ever access with my unaided mind's eye.

dsbakewell.jpg (129012 bytes)

The trees are already turning, Bakewell 
175.00 framed

dseyammoor.jpg (124894 bytes)

Early Heather, Eyam Moor
175.00 framed - SOLD

dslimestoneway.jpg (99580 bytes)

Along the Limestone Way 
175.00 framed

dsflagg.jpg (101256 bytes)

Spring Fields, Flagg
175.00 framed

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