Peak District Landscapes by David Stowe

David Stowe was born in Derbyshire and has been working as an art teacher for 30 years, which has given him experience of a wide range of media. Working in pencil, pastel, crayon, watercolour and oil his style utilises traditional methods with a particular emphasis on craftsmanship and skills of drawing.  He works from a variety of themes to produce drawings and paintings of the Peak District landscape often repeating a view from different perspectives to capture the scene in seasonal colour and light.  An avid fisherman, David is often found wading deep into the Derbyshire rivers to flyfish on the rivers Noe, Derwent and Wye and this gives him ample time to reflect upon the nature and tranquility of the watery views.  Painting back in his studio in acrylic on canvas and board David brings a unique perspective of trees overhanging the riverbanks, cascading water over weirs and light dancing upon the surface and rocks sometimes from the anglers viewpoint from within the river itself. 

dslumleypool.jpg (171980 bytes)

Afternoon Light, Lumley Pool, River Noe
495.00 - Framed

dsderwent.jpg (174795 bytes)

Yorkshire Bridge, River Derwent
525.00 - Framed

dspadley.jpg (176922 bytes)

Autumn Mist, Padley Gorge
Acrylic on Board
750.00 - Framed

dspadleygorge.jpg (264671 bytes)

Autumn Spate, Padley Gorge
Acrylic on Board
640.00 - Framed

dsstanage.jpg (129076 bytes)

Under Stanage Edge
Acrylic on Board
395.00 - unframed

dsadleydog.jpg (143853 bytes)

Walking the dog in Padley Gorge
Acrylic on Board
375.00 - Framed

dsthreeshires.jpg (108964 bytes)

Three Shires Head
Acrylic on Board
380.00 - Framed

dslumleyweirnoe.jpg (151349 bytes)

Waterfall Panorama, Lumley Pool, River Noe
Acrylic on Board
490.00 - Framed

dscricketweb.jpg (97435 bytes)

Cricket at Grindleford
650.00 - Framed