Ceramics by Barbara Wood

Hand built, burnished, saggar-fired ceramic

Barbara hand builds individual ceramic pieces which are finished using low temperature saggar firing to impart soft colours into the tactile burnished surface.

Prices top shelf: Orange Vessel 145.00 H:17cm, Coral Garden Vessel - SOLD, Large Vessel 245.00 H:23cm, Coral Garden Vessel SOLD, Orange Vessel 145.00 H:17cm, Pebbles 9.50 - SOLD, 17.00 and 19.50

Prices second shelf: Bowl 30.00 - SOLD, Vessel 49.00 H:11.5cm, Bowl 30.00 H:5.5cm, Dark Bowl - SOLD  

Boxes with lids: med 40.00 - SOLD small 30,00 - SOLD, large 50.00 - SOLD